Yeshua - Do Calvary Church Ayr

Calvary Church Ayr 173 Northumberland St.
Ayr ON  N0B 1E0

Phone: Stuart Gray- 519-622-6212, Church- (519) 632-7110

Yeshua - Do  Calvary Church Ayr

Who are we?

My name is Stuart Gray, I am married with four children, and
I am the Canadian director for “Yeshua Do International Christian Martial Arts Association”.

I have been a member of the Martial arts community since 1979, and have seen firsthand how in this subculture, a subculture that is primarily agnostic, pagan and heavily into Buddhism, is RIPE for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my vision to teach, demonstrate, perform self defense from a Christian perspective, with Christian ideal and Christian ideologies. Coupled with a short but ongoing Bible study at the beginning of each class, as the unsaved come into contact with believers , they will begin to assimilate Christian ideals, leading up to the more serious questions about our faith. This then should lead up to, and include a desire for OUR life in Christ resulting in personal salvation and Baptism.
Along with this, I have been where a lot of the people who are in this subculture are; unsaved, hurting, looking for self-esteem, and lonely. I have a personal interest and investment here.

Our Karate group began June 21 2014, and I have a committed group of believers. In September of 2014 around the third Saturday, I wish to go public. It is my desire to grow this and spread this program, winning and rescuing souls from a subculture that as of now is dominated by satan. I saw great success with the “Karate For Christ” program as an outreach, and expect nothing less from this. I will have the support of the congregation here at Calvary as well as the support of Yeshua Do International.

What are our goals?

-To teach self-defence as an outreach to the unsaved.
-To teach self-defence with a difference, governed by the principles of mercy as defined Biblically.
-To teach de-escalation / anti bullying techniques through reaching out verbally to the potential bully via verbal negotiation and anti-confrontational techniques. Failing that, to teach how one might physically removing one’s self from a possible physical confrontation. Failing all possible non-physical means, where self-defence is the last possible option, to defend one’s self with the most possible restraint and with the least possible harm done to the offender.
-As an outlet for developing greater health and well-being.
-To foster Christian brotherhood
-A chance to bring unsaved people in to contact with God’s elect, opening a Channel of communication and possible witnessing.
-A chance to witness to the lost who wouldn’t otherwise attend a church through comradery, mutual respect, through coming into direct contact with those who are Christian that do attend the classes, and through an ongoing Bible study at the beginning of each class.
-We will witness through our actions and through the Word
-We will strive to instil confidence in a culture of fear, health in a culture of non-health, Jesus Christ in a culture that is otherwise pagan, lost, and without hope.
-To spread the program by educating others from other church groups.
-That the Name of Jesus Christ infiltrates this subculture and is glorified.
3. Describe how the initiative will enable the life and ministry of your congregation and other congregations.
-As an outward, world out-reach ministry to include those who otherwise would not enter a church congregation and experience and de-mystify the Church as a whole, clearly displaying that the Church is ready to reach out and not exist solely as a minister of judgement to the world.
This would give participating congregation members to advance to rolls in leadership in order to grow the ministry, even to spread it to other congregations.

Who are we reaching?

-The immediate community of Ayr and surrounding area with the intention of growing and spreading to other congregations, regions and areas as the Holy Spirit leads.

5. What are our mandates and/or current priorities?

- Through martial arts, we will foster peace, health and community while reaching out to a portion of the unsaved who might never set foot inside a Church. It is a specific outreach that will target a specific group of people thus fulfilling the “Great Commission” of Matthew 28:16-20

6. How are we extending the Peace of Jesus Christ: making disciples, growing congregations and forming leaders?

- It seems like a paradox I know, but I have found that people who are skilled at defending themselves through the Martial Arts come to a place where they are calmer in such situation, they actually become less aggressive, less likely to fight, and, more ready to use reason over physical conflict. In essence, they find it in themselves in a better position to overcome aggression as they no longer have reason to “prove” themselves. They tend to become empathetic towards others. Having said all that, it lends it’s self well to developing a culture of NON VIOLENCE! Again I stress that It is a specific outreach that will target a specific group of people thus fulfilling the “Great Commission” of Matthew 28:16-20

- Combined with the aforementioned Bible study and Christian influence toward brotherly love, it lends its self well as an instrument of peace.

Class time:
Saturdays from 9:00am-10:30am

Address and Directions:

Calvary Church Ayr
173 Northumberland St.
Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0
(519) 632-7110

From Kitchener/Waterloo

Take Hwy #401 to Cedar Creek Exit.
Travel West on Cedar Creek Rd.
Turn Left on Northumberland St. (at Black Horse Corners)
Calvary Church is on the left-hand side of the street, at 173 Northumberland St.

From Paris

Take Hwy #24A, north to Wrigley Corners
Turn left on Wrigley Rd.
At the stop sign in Ayr, turn left onto Main St.
Turn right at the main intersection in Ayr, onto Northumberland St.
Calvary Church is on the right-hand side of the street, at 173 Northumberland St.

For more info, call or email Sensei Stuart Gray at:

or call Calvary Church at:
(519) 632-7110

Yeshua - Do is a safe place for Christians to train in the martial arts without the typical eastern mysticism, and promotes the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

"It must be stated that Yeshua-Do offers the new way into existing Martial Arts by following the concept towards transformation of the inner man, being unselfish and fearless by living Christ’s example in His Spirit. All the martial aspects of the Art a

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Business Information

Founded: Rev. Vitold Jordan.
Parking: Parking Lot

Categories: Church, Education, Martial Arts


Sat: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

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