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Hi there so this is how it works nice and simple.

Rules of Engagement:

For Sellers:
1) You tell me what books you have, their condition, and how much you want to sell them for.
2) I sell them, through Facebook, Kijiji, word of mouth, etc.
3) You give me the books.
4) I exchange books for cash.
5) You get cash, the amount I sold the book for minus my commission.

For Buyers:
1) You tell me what books you want, their ideal condition, and we negotiate price.
2) We meet up and trade.

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Yeup, 5% commission for the seller. If i sell the book for 100, you get $95 and I get $5. No fees for buyers XD

Q: Cheapskate! You didn't do that last time!
A: Well I also got over 100 people asking me to sell their textbooks, busted a suitcase and spent a lot of time on it. I just try to limit the demand so that I can handle everything.

Q: Am I obligated to buy anything?
A: No. I will never force you to buy anything if you message me or otherwise. Feel free to ask for information, even if you don't plan on buying anything.

Q: So you sell books super cheap/super expensive right?
A: Also no, I will never advertise having the cheapest nor the best deals. I sell them for a fair price that the market determines. I will also never force you to sell your book at a certain price or go below your requested selling price, but I may give suggestions.

Q: Do you sell outside of AFM?
A: Unfortunately not, as an incoming 3A AFM, I'm most knowledgeable about AFM books so I will only be selling Fall term AFM books.

Q: Sooo you'll try and screw me over right?
A: Well I'm going to say no anyways, but I'll try to be as honest as possible. I'll never lie nor cheat. If there's a better deal out there, I'll suggest for you to ditch and take the better deal. Unless you're Kenrik Ng, then you just have it coming.

Q: Can I ask you about things other than textbooks?
A: Yeup.

Q: Are all your books current edition?
A: Not necessarily, if an older edition can be used, I will sell that book as well. Example: ECON 101 7th ed and 8th ed are the same word for word. If you don't believe me, I'll ask you to turn to a random 8th ed chapter and then I'll read the same chapter from a 7th ed. 99% of the time it's the same. However, if the prof has stated you CANNOT use an older edition, I will not sell it.

Q: Do you take debit,credit or cheque?
A: I do take cheques, and i can accept credit, but I'll have to charge 3% on a credit transaction. I do have Tangerine though so free email transactions if you want to do it that way If you don't have Tangerine..... HERE'S A REFERRAL KEY. 42063437S1

Q: Are you affliated with AFSA/SAF/AFM etc?
A: This business is NOT a part of AFSA/SAF/AFM etc. This is purely an individual business, this is NOT an AFSA/SAF/AFM initiative.

My only requests:
1) Please be honest and forthcoming, my entire business structure is dependent on correct information and the honesty of students.

2) If you decide to ditch, please tell me immediately so I can make arrangements.

3) Don't bother being formal when asking me stuff, I'll be ridiculously casual anyways so ease up XD

4) Don't be a douchebag. Seriously.

Textbooks Galore for SAF!

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